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Legal audit of corporate documents and contractual relations

Legal audit is the analysis of company’s archive, which is conducted by the specialists of audit company Audit Group «ASKR» in the field of law for revealing and removing of so called «weak points» that may cause losses to the company. Legal audit includes:

  • Analysis of contracts archive of the company.
  • Analysis of constituent act, authorization-based and other documents that accompanies economic activity of the company (licenses, certificates, testimonial vouchers and etc.).
  • Drawing up of conclusion about condition of contractual base, personnel documents, other business documents of company with pointing out the inaccuracies, violations, admissions; working out the recommendations about their removal; improvement of system of documents circulation; bringing it in accordance with legislation, corporate culture (in particular – making up the methodology of systematization of contractual base, introduction of mined out conception).
  • Documentary execution of conception of the procedure of contracts’ projects creation.
  • Analysis of organizational structure of company by studying the system of documents circulation and practice of co-operation of business-organizations participants.
  • Development of corporate and other documents for company.
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