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Price-list on consulting

To make cooperation with our Company most convenient and favorable to you we have developed and we offer you a system of consulting subscription service. Under such system you pay monthly payments and we decide your problems in a real time activity.


Besides, the system of consulting subscription service has a number of certain advantages:

  • You will know that during any time specified in the agreement, you can address to our experts and they will be ready to accept your request, to learn it and to render the qualified and practical consulting help without the additional coordination of service cost and other accompanying questions.
  • In comparison cost of consulting subscription service is considerably more cheaper than cost of the decision of disposable questions and consultations, simultaneously with possibility to decide a large amount of questions for a smaller payment.
  • Cost of consulting in comparison service does not change within agreement action that allows to plan the costs for the period of agreement action.
  • Thanks to regular dialogues, our experts can learn more deeply your requirements, specificity of activity and pressing questions, which, in turn, will allow to present answers considering such specificity and features, and also to offer you own workings out and the offers directed on optimization of fiscal charges and prevention of potential risks.

 Estimated cost of consulting services which we render to our clients:

Types of services

Price without VAT 

Single consultations:

  -  Oral

  -  Written


from 100 UAH

from 250 UAH

Consulting subscription service:

  -  Oral

  -  Written


from 500 UAH per month

from 1000 UAH per month

Working out of schemes of optimization of fiscal charges



To determine volume and cost of audit services which you need, please, call our experts (044) 599-8-555 or send inquiry on e-mail: and you will be contacted within one working day.

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